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First Battle of Tatooine
Conflict Isolated
Place Tatooine
Result Draw, Jedi Retreat
  • 2 MC80s
  • Republic stardestroyer
  • Bothan Strike Ships
  • later-the Entire Jedi Fleet
  • Shadow Flight
  • Solar Eclipses
  • Stealth Watch
    • 10 Vipers
  • Lord Revan's Battle Meditation
  • MC80
  • 1/2 all fighters
  • 3 Bothan Strike Ships
  • Minimal
    • 20 TIEBombers
    • 30 TIE fighters
    • 21 TIE Hunters
    • 8 TIE Phantoms

Tatooine, a neutral planet, was the site of a minor Battle between the two strongest Factions in the galaxy. 2 MC80s entered the system, trying desperately to take down the Solar Eclipses. They were failing; they knew they couldn’t stand up against it, so they set out to the other side of the planet, in the gravity well. They thought they were safe, they were wrong. Stealthed targets were attacking them. They got an order; Mara Jade Skywalker arrived at the planet. They engulfed the fighters with blaster fire, able to be seen threw the force, Lord Revan sensed this, and used his advanced Battle Meditation. The fighters were upgraded to be more efficient. They were tearing down fighters like there was no tomorrow. This would be Shadow Squadrons chance to destroy the Entire Jedi fleet. They opened fire, but what they didn’t know was that Jade moved the fleet out of the gravity well. Admiral Daws knew that one SSD sized ship couldn't take them all out, so he brought in Stealth Watch, his 10 vipers. They struck the Jedi, 3/4 of the rebel fighters were gone. Mara thought that the fleet wasn’t prepared to attack 11 SSD sized ships, so they fled into hyperspace. The battle was over.