The Wiki's database includes an area for a single-letter (R, S, N or O) representing the level of canonicity of that element; these letters have since informally been applied to the levels of canon themselves: R-canon/C-Canon, S-canon, N-canon, and O-canon. As part of his work with the Wiki, Darth__Revan was responsible for the creation of this classification, and he spent the early stages developing and refining them into what they are today.

Absolute CanonEdit

Absolute Canon is made up of two groups of Canon, that are two universes or eras. These are R-Canon and C-Canon.


R-Canon refers too all Sith Lord Activity of NSider, and NNsider. The R referes to Revan, or Darth__Revan, the creater of the Sith Lords, just as G-Canon refers to George Lucas. R-Canon is true canon when refering to New Nsider, and Old Nsider. R-Canon is now published. It was previously abolished as the C-Canon was replacing it. however, C canon has been established as before AND after the R Canon. Everything in R canon fell between a 2 year publishing break of C canon. C and R are now one and the same.


C-Canon refers to the new, Citadel Nexus, era. Anything on CN will be automaticly C-Canon. C-Canon is the only absolute Canon being made. C-Canon has since been establish as extended R Canon


The S refers to Star Wars RPs, a branch of NN created to ween off good members. S-Canon is an alternate timeline, detailing what would have happened if Revan was killed.


N-Canon refers to NSider 2, a new Nsider dedicated to the old NSider, unlike the NNSider created as a rebellion. N-Canon is far below C or R-canon, but it still happened.


The O refers to 0, Zero. O-Canon is anything that is not Sith Lords Canon, this includes the real works of Starwars.