Cheunh is the language spoken by the Chiss people.

Pronunciation and PhonotacticsEdit


Cheunh is complex and densely constructed, expressing complicated ideas by combining smaller elements into intricate words and phrases.

It is incredibly synthetic, conveying complex meaning by forming compound words from conjunctions of sense-breaing word-elements known as morphemes. Cheunh requires a conscious awareness of individual morphemes and phonemes and a subtle ear for complex linguistic relationships.

If a word is not combined by morphemes, it is considered a pejorative. This is usually used when referring to someone who is non-Chiss. In this case, the adjective also follows the word described. Otherwise, adjectives always come before.

The most common word order is OVS and is shown by the example below.

-Yogaeh'oss mall = This will not overcome me

In this form of sentence, all first person uses and references to the topic are understood, so the word "me" is not used.

Known PhrasesEdit

Yogaeh'oss mall. = This will not overcome me.


ch'tra = go(imperative form)
crahsystor = commander
K'rell = Corellia
K'rell'n = Corellian
ktah = a curse word
pohskapforian= Fishing boat
pohskap`forian = Merchant trader
stae = near
visvia - unit of measurement (1.8 km)

Known SpeakersEdit



The language Cheunh was not made by any member of The Sith Lords, and should not be treated as the original language.