There was always a way to keep tabs on who did what, and who was training who. Check this list often to see who is who

Sith CharactersEdit

Dark Lord RevanEdit

The Dark Lord of the Sith, the Leader of the Entire RP


A long time servant of the Dark Side


A young Chis, learning the way of the dark side

Sith FleetEdit

Admiral ShadowEdit

A clone, trained in the force, and put to the head of the Sith Fleets

Captain DawsEdit

Daws was a clone that was a captain in the Shadow Fleet with Shadow, but was taken to command Revan's Super StarDestroyer

  • Human Male
  • Sith Navy
    • Captain
    • SD-1002
  • Takes Garrion on Korriban
  • Takes personal command of The Lord under Revan