Kaisawa Shinjiro Showron was born into an old, run down prison camp on Thrusta. Her family had been working in the prison camp since the Clone Wars. However, on her 5th birthday a Jedi Wanderer came and collected her from the prison camp. Her parents knew that she would have a better chance to survive if she went with the Jedi.

Little did then know that Kai was bitter about leaving her parents and her home even if it was for a better life. For the next seven years she traveled with the Jedi and received some formal training from the unknown person. All of their wandering started to take a toll on the young Jedi. She saw much suffering on her travels and found that the wandering Jedi’s methods too passive for her style. She often displayed angry and rebellions emotions as she entered her teen years.

At 20 she found herself in another heated argument about philosophies with her master. When she asked if she could leave to follow her heart and soul toward fighting against and oppressing world he said, “Go, I don’t care. It’s not my time you wasted, apprentice. Do as you must; just do not return to me.” Surprised to hear her master in such a cold tone, she thanked him and she did follow her heart. There was catch though. The second she stepped onto the battlefield her force powers were stripped. She finally understood the meaning of her master’s words. She tried to return to her master but he refused. She finally understood that she could not be swayed by impudent and irrational thoughts. With nowhere to go she slunk back into the depths of the galaxy.

Some people think that she just disappeared into the abyss of Courusant. But in reality, her wayward nature that was imprinted on her young mind took hold and she started to search the unknown territories of the galaxy to find the ancient sith to try to restore her powers. After finding Revan on Korriban she was able to regain her force powers through extensive sith training. Now, a newly anointed Sith, she seeks ultimate knowledge and a good test of her skills.

She was involved in the Battle of Kamino where she secured many cloning pods and Technitions. Thanks to her, the Lords were able to build their fleets. She went missing shortly afterwords