LordThe biggest ship in the fleet, at roughly 120km long. The main hanger is big enough to house Stardestroyers at 15km wide, and 3.9km high. The ship also has a large superlaser, able to destroy almost any ship in one shot, but not planets. Each ship also has many regular hangers all over its hull, able to launch tie fighters at any position it needs too. The ship is designed so that every laser will always have a clear firing zone, leaving no dead spots. In the back of the ship is a cloning facility and factory, able to clone troops ready to fight within a month. The factory is capable of creating any vehicle the ship needs. Often, each ship has a different garrison.

The Wedge in the front carries the power generator needed to power the superlaser. The back also houses many sheild generators, and turret power stations The ship itself was reserved for Sith Lords, and Grand Admirals, occasionaly a Sith Master or High Admiral could use one, at the discresion of Lord Revan

Weapons: 20000Turbolaser Batteries 1000 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries 1900 Concussion Missile Tubes 400 Ion Cannons 100 Tractor Beam Projectors Crew: 2900,030 Crew,50,000 Gunners Top Speed: 80 MGLT Troop Capacity: 1,000,000Ground Troops Cargo Capacity: Up to 9,500.000 Metric Tons Supplies for 5,500,000Individuals 80 Prefabricated Imperial Garrison Bases 140 AT-ATs 350 AT-STs 5000 TIE Fighters Squadrons-Various Types 1400 Miscellaneous Combat and Support Ships Passengers: 1400,000 Fleet Carrier: Yes 30ISDs or size equivilent