This article is about the title Mandalore, there is also a Planet by the same name.

Mandalore was the title of the leader of the Mandalorians. Usually they were distinguished by their special black-and-white armor, versus the grey-and-blue armor of normal Mandalorian soldiers. The Mandalore was also referred to as Lord Mandalore, although this seems to have fallen out of usage by the end of the Mandalorian Wars. The Mandalore would be the supreme head of all the clans and the military leader, backed by a second-in-command who acted as the supreme strategist and tactician. Mandalore the Ultimate and Canderous Ordo wore different armor compared to most Mandalores, sealed to their bodies and thick. Canderous Ordo recovered Mandalore the Ultimate's armor from Malachor V, for no ships or bodies ever were recovered after the battle, and the planet was a strong taboo to all Mandalorians. Mandalore the Ultimate was killed by Revan, but his armor was repaired by Canderous Ordo.


  • Mandalore the First, c. 7,000 BBY (possibly a mythical figure)
  • Mandalore the Indomitable, ?-3,996 BBY
  • Mandalore the Ultimate, 3,996 BBY-3,960 BBY
  • An unknown Mandalore whom HK-47 attempted to assassinate
  • Canderous Ordo, c. 3,951 BBY
  • Ung Kusp, c. 1,000 BBY
  • An unknown Mandalore who was killed by Durge in 100 BBY
  • Jaster Mereel, 60-52 BBY
  • Jango Fett, 52 BBY-[[34 BBY
  • Mandalore the Resurrector (AKA Alpha-Ø2, or "Spar"), 21 BBY-5 ABY
  • Fenn Shysa, 5 ABY-23 ABY
  • Boba Fett, 23 ABY-?
  • Mandalore