The are many ranks that a Sith must go through to become recognized by his fellow Sith.

List of RanksEdit

Sith acolyte: A training rank. They are still in training at the Shadow Academy and are generally very unskilled with the Force.


Sith Apprentice: A training rank. They are now being trained under a master, but have yet to be realized as a full Sith.

Sith: A training rank. They have gotten a true lightsaber and are stronger than lesser ranks. Other than that, they are identical to Padawans.

Sith Marauder: The bulk of Sith forces. They are quite powerful with the Force. They are able to train one Padawan at a time. It is also at this rank that they gain their Darth name.

Sith Master: A powerful Sith rank. This rank is gained after training a Padawan to Marauder status. They have mastered the Dark Side of the Force and are capable of training three Padawans at a time.

Sith Lord: There are very few worthy of attaining this rank. They have not only mastered the Dark Side, but the Force in general. At this rank, the Sith may be known by their real name or Darth, depending on personal preference. A Lord is second only to the Dark Lord and are able to train as many Padawans as they see fit.

Dark Lord: There is only one member of this rank. Whoever holds it is leader of all Sith. The current Dark Lord is Revan
"The Sith must be ruled by a single leader, the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak another must rise to seize the mantle."
¯Darth Revan's holocron

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