The Sith War Fleet was the name for the Entirty of the Sith Lord Forces. It contained every single member of the Sith Navy and their ships.


Arc Sector Fleet

  • 10 ISDs

Korriban Sector Fleet

  • Lord [SSD]
  • 19 ISDs
  • 2 StSDs

Manindrea Sector Fleet

  • Shadows Ship [SSD]
  • 4ISDs

1st Mobile Fleet

  • EagleC [ISD]

2nd Mobile Fleet

  • KaneC [ISD]
  • Kome [ISD]

3rd Mobile Fleet

  • 7 StSDs
  • 8 ISDs

4th Mobile Fleet

Rozen Tiger [ISD]

K2 Transport Fleet

  • 1 ISD