The Viper Class Sith Destroyer was the standard Sith Command Ship. Every Sith Maruder had the ability to command one and her fleets Weapons: 1,000 Turbolaser Batteries 100Heavy Turbolaser Batteries 40Concussion Missile Tubes 60 Ion Cannons 10 Tractor Beam Projectors Crew: 67,000Crew, 2,000Gunners Top Speed: 53 MGLT Troop Capacity: 70,000Ground Troops Cargo Capacity: Up to 2,000Metric Tons Supplies for 200,000Individuals 5 Prefabricated Imperial Garrison Bases 30 AT-ATs 60 AT-STs 250TIE Fighters Squadrons- Various Types 100 Miscellaneous Combat

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